no, not the frozen yoghurt chain from korea/los angeles, but the shanghai pop punk band.

i first heard about pinkberry on Shanghaiist or on Andy Best’s local music blog – and seeing their stuff on youku or tudou, i was instantly hooked by the 3 chord pop-punk and Xiao You’s energy.

as one of the hardest working bands in shanghai (they have TONS of shows) it was only a matter of time before i caught them in a live show – and last Saturday they played both the SOMA Live series at Channel One shopping mall and at eno’s enoise party.


despite an uncaring mall crowd, and an over-heated and seated crowd at eno – pinkberry managed to “rock the world” – and i’ll be sure to try and catch them around town whenever they’re playing. consider me a fan.

I was there!

I was there!

and Pinkberry’s Neocha page  – check them out for yourself.

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