double western bacon cheeseburgers



i grew up – and still am – a fast food afficiniado. los angeles is really kind of a car culture, fast food town and accounts for some of the greatest brand names in fast food. in-n-out burger, bob’s big boy, tommy’s original, fatburger and mcdonald’s were all founded in the greater los angeles area (ok, well, san bernardino is close enough to la for most people).

this is where you point me to . . i know i know.

anyways, for months or even years there’s been rumors of carl’s jr. opening in shanghai’s raffles city on people’s square.

and as the summer progressed, and the construction began, anticipation was high amongst my california friends here in shanghai.

then i received this email yesterday from the star of shanghai rush, brian yang:

my cali kids,

we really don’t need more fatty food temptation, but hot damn, it starts on thursday – Carl’s Jr. opens here. hallelujah!

hallelujah indeed. this morning i’ve already had 3 conversations about fried zucchini and ranch dressing.

So not good for you.

1. i don’t know why this blog has become so food obsessed. don’t i do anything besides eat?

2. i realize the double western bacon cheeseburger used to be the king of horrible for you burgers, only now surpassed by various concoctions as the hardee’s thickburger etc. etc, but it is still 1,000 calories of pure fat. not advisable to eat on any diet

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4 Responses to double western bacon cheeseburgers

  1. WoAi says:

    I went yesterday to check it out and confirm for myself that it opens Thursday. I used to quite like Hardees in HK actually. Now, when is In and Out Burger coming to town?

  2. terence says:

    WoAi – Carl’s Jr. purchased Hardee’s about 10 years ago. In-N-Out will never be here since they use 3 farms in California . .. and never freeze their beef.

  3. G-RACE says:

    FRIED ZUCCHINI! how you have taunted my dreams for 2 1/2 years.

  4. terence says:

    I was sent this email from the original emailer:

    OMG I’m so full, they opened a Carl’s Jr hamburger rest in Raffles today and we had to try it out, of course. Huge burgers and for the grand opening: girls in short tops with bare midriffs, hot-pants and black knee-high, shiny, high heel boots hahaha. They looked like they were working at a strip-club! Only in China, my friends, only in China … Elliott (a Sw coworker) seemed very pleased though and said that he would go there for lunch every day.

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