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yong he da wang – or yong he “big king” is a chain of chinese fast food restaurants here in china. they’re actually owned and operated by jollibee. the food there is okay, they have an okay set of noodles or soup and noodles, but its no great shakes.

if you look in the photo above (clipped from wikipedia) you can see ole’ uncle da wang himself. but note the font and color of the sign.

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what i didn’t know was the origin of the restaurant – in taiwan, there’s a small chain of dou jiang (soy milk) breakfast places called yong he dou jiang da wang – named after taipei’s yonghe county. last time i was there, my boss took us to a yong he dou jiang da wang. hey check out the color of the sign and the font!
Yong He King of Soy Milk

i grew up eating you tiao (chinese crispy fried dough sticks) so i know how greasy and oily they can be. however, the you tiao here was crispy without the slightest hint of greasyness or oil. the soy milk was creamy, without being overwhelmingly thick and the egg pancakes, again, they’ve mastered the art of deep frying without greasiness. anthony bourdain has talked about finding places which serve one dish, and only that one dish, for x number of years. while the yong he king of soy milk does serve a wider menu, their soy milk and fried breakfast foods surely do prove mr. bourdain right. also, they make the mainland/filipino imitation, a poor one, at best.
front counter of yonghe dawang

making the egg pancakes

the final results: you tiao, egg pancakes and soy milk. breakfast of champions!
breakfast of champions!

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