wait . . . japanese curry from mcdonald’s?

in the interest of trying every fast food formulation available, and also possibly taking years off the back end of my life, i succumbed to the constant barrage of mcdonald’s advertising and walked in to my local mcd’s and ordered a japanese curry chicken sandwich (with egg!)

mcdonald's japanese curry chicken sandwich (with egg!)

before you judge me. or rather, before you judge me more, you have to understand a couple of things:

1. i love fast food. i grew up eating mickey d’s. in-n-out. carl’s jr. taco bell. del taco. subway. green burrito. bravo burger (yay san dimas!). i attribute it to being a latch key kid and growing up in la where the car culture leads to food on the go.

2. i love japanese curry. coco curry house is one of my favorite lunch haunts. i also really liked bee curry house in hong kong

3. i’m highly susceptible to advertising. maybe it’s my love of “mad men.” maybe i’m an idiot. maybe i just like to be sold.

4. i have a slight preference for mcdonald’s in only that they were a client of mine in 3 different places, 2 different continents, and for 2 different companies. they paid for 2 giant projects in taiwan and in the philippines and also were one of my favorite clients in houston.

so with the constant repetition of the television commercial, i thought, “what the heck, i’ll blow 9rmb on this sucker”


verdict: i don’t know if you’ve ever seen stephen chow’s “god of cookery” , but there’s a scene where he’s complaining about the curry fish balls that are within in his bowl of “assorted noodles.” he says “there’s no fish taste to these fish balls, but you wanted to use the curry taste to cover up the lack of fish taste – however, the curry taste is only superficial and on the surface and hasn’t penetrated the fish balls, so you end up with curry fish balls with no curry taste AND no fish taste.”

while the sandwich wasn’t disgusting or anything, it certainly lacked both a convincing curry taste and nothing more than a preliminary chicken taste. on the other hand, it’s mcdonald’s – what do you REALLY expect?

mcdonald’s – they’re EVERYWHERE man. Well, only 1000 stores in mainland china.

japanese curry chicken sandwich (with egg!) – 9rmb

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6 Responses to wait . . . japanese curry from mcdonald’s?

  1. Umwari says:

    I had my first ever In-n-Out burger last week. I was a little disappointed, but I measure all burgers against the Jucy Lucy. Another relevant first– I just finished watching my first episode of Mad Men 10 minutes ago.

  2. terence says:

    @Umwari – Well, a fast food burger is never going to compete against a restaurant (or in your case dive bar) burger. Did you have it “Animal-Style?” How was the rest of your time in God’s Own Country (i.e. Southern California)?

    What episode of Mad Men did you watch?

  3. Dingle says:

    “and look, the intestine actually has shit in it”

    or something like that..

  4. terence says:

    don’t you judge me, maaaan.

  5. Umwari says:

    Didn’t try it Animal Style. Cali was good! When I wasn’t working I did the tourist thing and watched surfers at Ventura and visited Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I must say your people are very courteous drivers.

    I watched season 1, episodes 1, 2 and 3. Gotta love Netflix.

  6. terence says:

    Very touristy – glad you enjoyed it! I’m not sure people would say la drivers are courtesous, but we are skilled. Maybethat’s it. Mad Men is awesome.

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