so i’m going on a trip.

it’s a long trip. well, not that long, but my longest trip in a few years. it’s about 2 weeks. 1 week will be vacation. 1 week will be work.

it’s continuous, so i need to bring everything i need with me. suits, ties, collared shirt for work. shorts, camera, guidebook, t-shirts, for play.

thats my spare bedroom which has been turned into packing triage.

this is what i got going on:
1 tumi tech 2 fold suit bag
1 tumi tech roll-away suit-case
1 columbia titanium computer backpack

5 t-shirts and polos of various adidas NBA related designs.
3 brooks brothers non-iron shirts
1 suit – calvin klein, bought on sale at macy’s
1 pair jeans – cheap pair from h&m
1 pair khakis – i think these are an expensive pair of dockers
1 pair basketball shorts – adidas pre-game shorts
1 pair cargo shorts – nike black
1 pair swim trucks which double as soccer shorts
socks and underwear
i’ll probably throw a baseball hat in somewhere and a cal t-shirt
toiletries and medicine
1 pair adidas sambas
1 pair adidas adistar running shoes
1 pair black work shoes (la suanda)
belt and 3 ties

1 nikon d80, 2 lenses 18-200mm and 50mm 1.8
extra camera battery and charger
1 iphone with charger
1 ipod shuffle with charger
1 blackberry curve with charger
1 lenovo thinkpad x61 with plug

1 copy – lonelyplanet vietnam
1 copy – “who are we? – america’s great debate” by samuel p. huntington
1 jumprope

where am i going? well, you know vietnam. here’s the itinerary:

September 30 – Shanghai to Hong Kong
October 1 – Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City
October 5 – Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong to Taipei
October 9 – Taipei to Seoul to Beijing
October 11 – Beijing to Hangzhou
October 12 – Hangzhou to Shanghai

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4 Responses to packing

  1. Dingle says:

    Which bit is holiday?

    Two pieces of Tumi luggage, are you sure you’re not Japanese?

  2. terence says:

    the first portion – Vietnam

    Tumi – I’m quite sure I’m not Japanese. I think they’d use those wheelie things with the four spinning wheels. I dropped so many name brands in the posts, it was almost like I was WoAi.

  3. Dingle says:

    You stopping in Pham Ngu Lao?

    Everyone in our Japanese office has a Tumi laptop bag.

    Yeah, this was all a bit Woai, except for the bit where you mentioned cheap jeans from H&M, Woai wouldn’t be seen dead in them..

  4. terence says:

    Just Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City – maybe out to the tunnels for a day trip. It’ll really just be a city break. Take a break from the rapid pace of Shanghai with some time in the rapid pace of Saigon.

    I am obviously not Japanese, since my laptop bag is made by Tumbuk2.

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