the day of bad museums

after watching the debacle that was the cal-usc football game, i finished my tourism activities by going to the museum of ho chi minh city and the vietnam history museum.

first up was the museum of ho chi minh city. a bunch of half-hearted exhibits which were poorly maintained in a falling apart building. however, one of the interesting things was that there were at least 10 couples there taking wedding photos. i thought the wedding photos were more interesting so i trained my camera on them instead.




museum of ho chi minh city


the vietnam history museum – located out by the ho chi minh city zoo – was so uninteresting (even the strange architecture) so instead i had some ice cream and coffee.



from there it was to an expensive and only average dinner. today is a travel day – first to hong kong for dinner, then onwards to taipei and back to work.

so long ho chi minh city, it’s been a lot of fun. now i’m going to go out and get my last banh mi before i head out of here.

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