taipei is chinese for “night market”

i have one more vietnam post in the works, but let’s take a quick break to see what else i was up to in the time i was gone from shanghai.

after saigon, i spent some time in taipei for work, and if one has some spare time in taipei, then one really has to go to the night market for snacks or xiaochi

this is an oyster omelette, known in taiwanese as “o ai chien”

Oyster Omelette

here’s a salty chicken stand. you basically pick what sort of things (pig’s blood, calamari, peppers, mushrooms, etc.) you want fried along with your chicken. hand it in a basket to the deep fry guy and wait for 5 minutes . ..

Salty Deep Fried Chicken

here’s the results – note that we’ve already eaten about 3/4 of the bag.

Deep Fried Goodness

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4 Responses to taipei is chinese for “night market”

  1. L2 says:

    that looks vile!

  2. terence says:

    but it tastes pretty awesome.

  3. terence says:

    don’t judge Xiao Lan. Especially cause this is the food of your ancestors. Youse need to get yourself to Taipei before you judge.

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