streetin’ fightin’ old lady

street fights are just about the most common occurance in shanghai – actually that’s not true. street arguments are just about the common occurance in shanghai, as everyone knows, shanghainese argue, they don’t fight.

these were taken on my commute to work yesterday. note the bright sunny clear skies. even though people look like they’re just milling around, they’re really arguing!

shanghai street fight

street fight in shanghai

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6 Responses to streetin’ fightin’ old lady

  1. terence says:

    ai-yah, I’m commuting here. No time to shoot video. Gots to get on my bus.

  2. terence says:

    That would’ve been a lot more entertaining, but it was more ayi than chun li

  3. Clark says:

    Sometimes I wonder if people are really arguing, though, because Mandarin sounds harsh as it is, and it’s pretty common to yell to be heard.

  4. terence says:

    Oh no, for two reasons.

    1. In my neighborhood, it’s all Shanghainese, not Mandarin

    2. My chinese isn’t fluent, but I certainly know when people are fighting.

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