seen last night: free bird!

last night in the shanghai dive bar time passage , three chinese guys are playing decent cover tunes – all classic rock. some eagles, clapton, beatles, billy joel – late sixties through the late seventies. because we are obnoxious fools, we starting making the hand of rock and – well we weren’t shouting ‘freebird’ but we did say it loudly a couple of times.

and lo, did they become the first band to ever take that request seriously, and we were rewarded with a rocking version of freebird.

here’s the original. skynyrd!

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4 Responses to seen last night: free bird!

  1. jill says:


  2. terence says:


  3. jill says:

    sorry i actually typed that in chinese but i guess your twinkie blog can’t show chinese characters. anyway, i said i cant view your video!

  4. terence says:

    1. We prefer the term “banana” around here missy.
    2. It’s only because i’m too lazy to find the WordPress chinese language plug-in.
    3. Turn off your VPN – that’s why you can’t get to YouKu.

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