c-c-c-chauncey billups!

so when i was in beijing 2 weeks ago, i was priviliged enough to attend a press conference/fan event with chauncey billups (and the inspiration for the best now-dead blog about the nba on the internet) at the adidas sanlitun store

Chauncey Billups at adidas Sanlitun

chauncey was there to interact with fans and to talk about his new shoe, the ts cut creator

chaunceys kicks

chauncey's kicks

before the meet and greet:

Chauncey Billups in Sanlitun

Chauncey Billups Press Conference

i didn’t really get a chance to talk with chauncey – or even hear him talk about his shoes and his upcoming season, but he’s a good guy and a great player, so good luck to him in the upcoming season – except for when he plays the rockets.

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