all hallow’s eve

halloween used to be my favorite holiday (i’m now coming around on the idea of thanksgiving, but halloween is still up there) – it’s not so much the candy, although the candy was great when i was growing up, but it’s sort of the mischief and fun atmosphere . . . and the candy.

growing up i always had not-so-great costumes, but when i moved to houston, i had two of my best costumes as an adult.

as 1/3 of the beastie boys from the sabotage video

3 MCs and No DJ

for comparison

for those who haven’t seen the video before

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3 Responses to all hallow’s eve

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  2. Swiss James says:

    Well this one is good

  3. terence says:

    I think I like the team partnership of this one more. Maybe I should have gotten a Luigi.

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