yo, where’d you get those?

nike lebron vii. white/black-varsity red colorway. flywire x air max technology. they’re really pretty. i’ll take them out for a run on saturday.




lebron james

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12 Responses to yo, where’d you get those?

  1. Dingle says:

    I just got back from Nike’s R&D facility in Busan, jealous?

    p.s. you new Nike’s ming!!

  2. terence says:

    I’d only be jealous if you got to go inside the R&D facility in Beaverton.

    Wait, no, I am jealous.

  3. Dingle says:

    Seriously though, Adidas are much better than Nike, my dad says.

  4. terence says:

    I don’t really assign modifiers like “better” or “worse” to things like sports shoes. There’s only what works better for you – there’s lots of things I like from both companies (as well as other sporting goods brands).

  5. Dingle says:

    I agree with you completely T, Adidas are better though innit.

  6. terence says:

    Listen you limey, don’t make me come over there and take your massage socks.

  7. Dingle says:

    Yeah well you can just talk to the hand mister!

  8. terence says:

    I will knock you into next week.

  9. Dingle says:

    You’re having a laugh aren’t you, there’d be three hits: me hitting you, you hitting the floor and the ambulance hitting 90!

    Tap Tap BOOM

  10. terence says:

    I’ll hit you so hard your grandkids will feel it.

  11. terence says:

    Shanghai Dave – Or any Nike store. It’s a mass release. besides, I’m pretty sure Yaxin doesn’t have permission to do e-commerce.

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