i don’t feel like coming up with a clever pho pun

frequent readers of youusedtobealright.com know that i enjoy my pho. those that live in shanghai should also know that pho here is often disappointing or unauthentic or otherwise not fulfilling.

with the recent opening of pho 26 on wujiang road, i think there’s a new solution for all of us pho deprived masses in shanghai.

pho 26, opened opposite the yet-to-be-opened krispy kreme is, at least to my taste, the best and most authentic pho place open yet in shanghai.

pho 26

first we started with some deep fried spring rolls. super flavorful, crispy skin and a little bit of spice even. done very well. in fact, i’m kind of craving another order right now.


then the pho. let’s go over all the ways pho can fail – meat, broth, noodles. well, pho 26 hits all the right notes. the meat is high quality – i ordered the pho 26 special (or in chinese, the “train engine” special) which came with rare beef, cooked beef, beef balls, tripe and tendon. the portions were ample and each piece was quite good. the broth – it was the best part of the bowl. tasty, with enough meaty flavor. the noodles were firm with a pleasant texture and slurped up nicely.

pho from pho 26

so, it’s not an entirely positive review. for one, although i don’t want to sound like a cheap english teacher, 34 rmb for a bowl of pho is a bit dear – especially when in the us, $5 would get you a bowl twice as big, and in vietnam itself, pho is less than $1 us. also, they were very light on the pho preparation materials – the hot sauce, plum sauce, basil and extra bean sprouts just were not served and the waitresses seemed clueless to what we were referring to.

pho 26 menu

but the menu looked to have a good variety of vietnamese food, including vermicelli and rice plates. as much as i loved rice plates when i was in saigon last month, com was my favorite dish, so i’ll definitely be back to try out the rest of the menu.

pho 26

pho 26
wujiang lu number 178, 2nd floor
phone: 021-52286597

price: about 50 rmb per person for lunch/dinner

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17 Responses to i don’t feel like coming up with a clever pho pun

  1. WoAi says:

    5 years in Shanghai and I am still looking for decent Pho so I’ll give this a try. Have you tried Pho Sizzling btw on the same part of Wu Jiang Lu near M&S? Shopgirl did a post about it a while ago.

  2. terence says:

    I’ve also done a pho sizzlin’ post. It’s ehhhhh. Pho 26 is literally right next door. And their bathrooms are in marks and spencer – so you can eat and shop at the same time! the service wasn’t especially quick though.

  3. Yeah, I actually just noticed it today. And the door to krispy kreme are open!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Shall we all have a blog-date there? A threesome date at Krispy Kreme with WoAi and new blogger Terence?

  4. terence says:

    I actually had lunch there today. So that’s two meals back to back. The pho is still really good.

  5. Dingle says:

    You harlot Shopgirl!!!

    Hmm, I’ve never bothered with pho in Shanghai, I figured I’d just be very disappointed, sounds like this is partway there at least!

    Do they have fresh mint to stir in?

  6. Dingle says:

    ah yes, I should have paid more attention to the photo…

  7. terence says:

    @thegreatsage – they have a mix of cilantro and mint but it’s pre applied, which isn’t quite right, but the broth and noodles and meat outweigh the not-right-ness of having the seperate table side preperation condiments.

  8. jill says:

    OMG PHO!!!!!!!!!

    Next to my office too!!!!!!1 Guess where I’m going for lunch EVERY DAY NOW!!!!!!!!!

    (I wonder if this comment could have anymore exclamation marks?!!??!?!?!!!)

  9. terence says:

    @jill – there ALREADY was a pho place on wujiang lu – pho sizzlin’. Ok, it was less-than-mediocre, but it’s been there since at least June!

  10. jill says:

    why the hell would i have mediocre pho? im southeastasian!

  11. terence says:

    Vietnam does not equal Singapore.

  12. jill says:

    true, but geographically close

  13. terence says:

    I’m (Hong Kong!) closer. Plus there’s all those Vietnamese in LA and Houston and San Jose which are dozens of miles from where I lived as opposed to hundreds (Singapore-Vietnam)

  14. sushipanda says:

    Pho26 is good, read the review on shanghaiist.It is insightful and well written and would not have happened with Terence. I am humble.

  15. terence says:

    a pho fiend and friend of mine (grace!) has mentioned she has had a disappointing experience there.

    but mine 3 times have been great – although the rice is not as good as the pho.

  16. Dingle says:

    T, have you come to a conclusion about where you can get the best pho in Shanghai yet? I’ve been going to Pho no 1 quite a bit recently (it’s close to my apartment) but the pho doesn’t cut it!

  17. terence says:

    I’ve been told that the pho place in taikang lu is the best . . .however, I’m beginning to think that the best pho place would be in some vietnamese person’s house.

    What I don’t understand is. . . its really not that difficult a dish. The ingredients are all available here.

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