is there anything they can’t do?

i don’t want to make this into a blog-vertisement like woai does with marks & spencer, lawry’s and charlie chan’s.

but we were on our way back from lunch and we spotted people inside krispy kreme on wujiang lu, and we made our way in. apparently they’re doing an sms pre-opening promotion where you receive an sms and get a box of donuts.

since we weren’t part of the promotion, the american manager gave us each on hot sweet donut. mmmmmmmm.

here’s some photos of the fryer and glazer in action.

Krispy Kreme 1

Krispy Kreme 2

Krispy Kreme 3

still opens on december 15. merry christmas!

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7 Responses to is there anything they can’t do?

  1. Dingle says:

    pornography for the morbidly obese!

  2. terence says:

    so, like, for you and me?

  3. young ming says:

    How many calories does one of those things have?

    2 doughnuts = one big mac?

  4. terence says:

    calories, son? we don’t count calories around here, but for you, a Krispy Kreme donut is 200 calories with 100 from fat, while a Big Mac is 540 calories with 260 from fat.

  5. jill says:

    200 calories? an apple has 71 calories…. so technically if i stave off 3 apples i could afford one donut!!!! i know which direction my diet’s gonna take.

  6. terence says:

    @jill yeah, but that’s 200 calories of fat and sugar. (100 calories from fat!!) it’s not a good idea to really eat a lot. I may go to the grand opening tonight.

  7. Dingle says:

    T, I’m only obese these days, I’m looking real hot!

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