i swear this isn’t a food blog

tonkatsu is japanese for fried pork cutlet. and the best and most traditional japanese restaurants tend to specialize in one thing – when in japan, you go one place for sushi, another place for ramen, and a third place for soba.

in shanghai, there’s a tonkatsu place located behind jing’an temple. i am part of this lunch group that meets on a semi-regular basis to, well, eat. on wednesday of this week we went to this tonkatsu place.

Bang Qi Pork Chop
Jing an district, Jiao Zhou Road No. 176, Near Beijing West Road

here’s the review on dianping.com (which is china’s answer to yelp, but for restuarants only)

they served about 10 different types of tonkatsu, depending on if you liked curry, or lean or more fatty. i chose the curry.





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7 Responses to i swear this isn’t a food blog

  1. jill says:

    HAHA I used to work in the area and passed this place every day on my way to work… it looked hella sketch and I never walked in. But maybe now I’ll go try!

  2. Dingle says:

    This is SO a food blog.

  3. terence says:

    Is not. I will talk about other stuff. Someday.

    @jill – Japanese restaurants that cater to Japanese always look uninviting.

  4. young ming says:

    spot is dope…bit pricey for tonkatsu tho…my japanese friends say its legit. keita would prob get two orders

  5. terence says:

    But if you order the lean or fatty tonkatsu, then it’s unlimited rice. So you could get your money’s worth.

  6. sandy says:

    oooh went there! liked it, very meaty

  7. terence says:

    @sandy – did you go with the lean or the fatty?

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