one of my best friends in the world just recently moved to oakland with her american football loving french husband. christie and gregory now live in this really cool little house in north oakland, and its really not a bad area of oakland (south berkeley really). i’ve always been a strong advocate for the east bay, since i did attend university in the east bay and i just liked the feel more than the snooty peninsula.

gregory and christie were kind enough to invite me over for pizza and watching the rose bowl on new year’s day. it was good to just hang out in someone’s house and watch football.

Christie and Gregory Prepare the Pizza

Home in Oakland

spinach, half ham and cheese on trader joe’s homemade garlic pizza crust with vodka red sauce. thanks chris!



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3 Responses to oaktown!

  1. L2 says:

    Ha, i love the feel of the eastbay, too, and find the peninsula somewhat removed and cold.

  2. terence says:

    Wow, a person from THE CITY liking the East Bay! Mark this date down!

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