cooking with kraft foods

my aunt pauline is famous for her lime jell-o cheesecake. it’s an awfully midwestern dish to be served up by a family from hong kong – but as i understand, it’s been handed down for, well at least a decade or three from our family’s minnesota roots. we don’t actually have minnesota roots, but we do have a somewhat family recipe which mainly involves mixing together various kraft food products.

this would be my first time making this dish – and as my cousin has found out, it’s not quite as easy as stirring some stuff together.

here’s my mise-en-place consisting of grahem crackers, kraft philadelphia cream cheese, knox gelatin, jell-o brand lime gelatin dessert, vanilla, sugar and butter.


here’s my graham cracker crust – i still don’t think i’m doing this right. i think i need to crush the crackers more.

Graham Cracker Crust

using the hand mixer. here this is 1 packet of knox gelatin, half a cup of sugar, 1 cup boiling water and 16 ounces of kraft philadelpha cream cheese.

Lime Jello Cheesecake

here is the cheesecake mix poured into the graham cracker crust. the whole thing then goes into the fridge to set.

Lime Jello Cheesecake

in the meantime, i start whipping up some lime jell-o. accept no substitutes! here in shanghai there’s all these euro-gelatins with german written on the package – but only the pure processed goodness of the kraft foods company will do for this cheesecake, yessir!

the making of lime jell-o consists of 1 cup boiling water, 1 box jell-o mix and 3/4 cup of cold water
Lime Jello

ok, confession time. the first time i tried this i didn’t wait long enough for the cheesecake to set and i ended up with a slimey, cheesecake lake mess – it still tasted great, but it looked horrible. this below is my second attempt – and i STILL messed it up a little, hence the lake of cheesecake floating in the middle of my jell-o.


but the end result is pretty dang good, if i don’t say so myself. cooking with pre-packaged foods. yum yum yum.

UPDATE: i took the cheesecake to work – and even with 50% of the office gone for business travel or chinese new year it disappeared in a matter of 2-3 hour .. . some people even went back for seconds. it was right tasty. i’ll figure out how to keep the cheesecake lake from appearing next time.

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  1. uzbekcelia says:

    Hey! Great minds think alike! I just posted my blog write-up (without photos of course!) of my three strikes on making this dessert. Where did you get your recipe from, because it doesn’t sound like Auntie Pauline’s. I think you’re missing walnuts from the crust, and lemon jello from the cheesecake layer. However, your lake of cheesecake floating in the jello is on par with my attempts! Let me know if you want me to send you Auntie Pauline’s version.
    BTW, the Minnesota roots in our family are only your dad, and my mom!

    Did you eat both by yourself, or sort of reaction did you have from Shanghai guinea pigs?

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  3. terence says:

    I haven’t actually served it yet – I’m bringing it to work tomorrow. I’ve eaten most of the bad one myself. No, it’s not Auntie Pauline’s actual recipe, I just cribbled together bits from the backs of packages and the internets.

    I have the jell-o figured out now. I’m going to let hte cheesecake set for 6 hours before I make the lime jell-o next time.

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  5. dingle says:

    Looks awesome and minging at the same time!

  6. terence says:

    Thus, right for the great sage?

  7. apgalbraith says:

    For a lake of something, yah, you could do a lot worse than cheesecake.

  8. terence says:

    Better than a lake of bitter melon!

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