candy shop and forget and forgive at yuyintang

hard working shanghai bloggers andy and jake put together this show to support personally, i’d have to question the efficacy of using underground bands to promote an anti-fur movement, when your target audience should be people who are actually in line to manufacture, promote and purchase fur. as much as i appreciate the effort in putting on a great show and the hard work involved, who are they actually reaching with this effort? a bunch of poor chinese college students, and a handful of expats who aren’t in the fur purchasing demographic anyways.

however i’m glad chinese bands are starting to think about advocacy and doing things beyond just producing music. on the whole, it’s a positive thing and a step in the right direction. on to the actual show

i arrived in the middle of faf’s set – so was standing towards the back. but their funeral for a friend screamo/scream-core (i’m actually really bad at categorizing music beyond “hip hop” “rock” and “pop”) certainly got the crowd moving. they finished with a cover of “until the day i die” by story of the year.


after a quick break, the band i came to see (candy shop) took that stage. click on the link if you want to listen to them – i don’t really have a good description of their music. they play a bit of everything, but i think you could categorize them as nu-metal X saccharine pop. like i said, i don’t know how to categorize music well, but i do know this: they are a great band to see live.

Candy Shop

kk with his raps and sammy with her raps and singing – the interplay between the two leads – along laid down with a metal backing along with the entire pixies/nirvana/smashing pumpkins soft/LOUD/soft combo make for a really fun band to jump along to. although with candy shop, the soft/LOUD/soft dynamic is taken to extremes with the contrast between sammy’s singing and kk’s raps.

Sammy from Candy Shop

i captured some video here – although the entire song is 4 minutes long, flickr cut it down to a minute or so. when i get around to it, i’ll upload it somewhere that will show the entire song.

while candy shop put on a great show, i’m not sure if it was the thursday night or the rain or whatever, but the crowd seemed strangely subdued, especially when contrasted with the last time i saw them. (actually i’m pretty sure it was because it was thursday night)

if you’re in shanghai, candy shop will be playing at MAO livehouse (huaihai lu at red town) on march 12th at 8pm as part of a larger show! i encourage you to go down and check them out.

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3 Responses to candy shop and forget and forgive at yuyintang

  1. Andy Best says:

    Hey man, just saw this. Thanks for coming to the show.

    Yeah, it was a subdued rainy Thursday night so we were stoked to fall just a little short of our 300 people target. When we arrived for soundcheck YYT sprang it on us that they’d just got a new desk and didn’t know how to use it fully.

    Brad sorted it out but I think it was a little too quiet to push the less dance inclined over the edge.

  2. Terence says:

    Andy – Not only did I come, I skipped out on my weekly work conference call!

    I, for one, really appreciate the work you and Jake do to bring Shanghai underground music to an English language audience. I mean, I speak Chinese, but without you guys I wouldn’t have found douban or Candy Shop or Pinkberry or BCR and those bands are now pretty high on my play list count for and itunes. It’s always great to find new music.

  3. Andy Best says:

    Cool, thanks

    I’ve come to realise that music gets it’s meaning from many different planes.

    Bands can have meaning to you purely by being in a community you feel you are a part of. That’s as well as the better Shanghai bands being genuinely good in their own right.

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