big music weekend

friday night: pinkberry, candy shop, sonnet, boys climbing ropes @ MAO Shanghai
Saturday night: boys climbing ropes, st. vincent @ YYT Shanghai

friday night reviewed here my thoughts: xiao yoi (lead singer of pinkberry) was ill, and the crowd was clearly there for sonnet so they had trouble getting the crowd into it. candy shop had to do this terrible promotion for jaeger which killed any momentum they had. sonnet had some great danceable franz ferdinand-esque tracks which i really dug . . . a lot of experimentation with loops and dubs and electronic sounds from a sampler, which i did not dig. boys climbing ropes continue to rock and continue put on a great show. i am a huge fan.

saturday night photographed here by jenn wong and here by me. boys climbing ropes continue to rock and continue to put on a great show. i am a huge fan. st. vincent was fantastic – lots of experimental insturmentalation sounds combined with a beautiful voice.

Band Weekend

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2 Responses to big music weekend

  1. Andy Best says:

    Hey man, how was the crowd Saturday and how did BCR go down?

    Also, there’s an odd rumour going around the St Vincent played a short set.

    Drop me a mail. I’ll check back here too.

  2. terence says:

    I’ll drop you an email as well, but YYT was packed to the gills. I was unable to bring my arms up to clap half the time during St. Vincent’s set. It was a slightly less rock (of course there to see St. Vincent) and a more expat heavy crowd. I suspect for 80% of the people there – it was their first time at YYT.

    BCR – they’ve just been on the last few times I’ve seen them. Just really tight and sharp – even playing to a crowd that wasn’t there to see them. Unfortunately not really a crowd for moving around too much, but this is an excellent band. A lot of Shanghai bands I am a fan of because – you know, support the local scene, young Chinese kids expressing themselves, doing a competent job on-stage, but they’re getting a lot of bonus points for being local bands.

    I don’t have to give BCR any bonus points – they make my playlist no matter where I am or where I’m from. I’ve introduced them to about 15 of my friends in the States or Hong Kong – and converted about 8 or 9 listeners.

    St. Vincent’s set didn’t feel inappropriately short to me – I thought it clocked in around 50 minutes or an hour or so. Sure, I suspect my aching knees and back and crushed shoulder made me think the set was just the right length, so my opinion may not represent the general thoughts about the show.

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