eating in singapore: laksa and carrot cake

sigh. day 2 and i’m still eating in shopping malls. but that’s really because i was shopping. i swear i’m heading to hawker centres today.

yesterday lunch, however, i was (again) on orchard and in the basement of ION Orchard, when i saw a laksa stand.

laksa is a singaporian/malaysian dish made of noodles in a coconut . . . well, its not really a soup. its much thicker and richer – its much more like a gravy. according to wikipedia, its from pernakian cuisine – meaning a mix of malay and chinese.

whatever its origins – its really quite good. and something we don’t get great examples of in shanghai, but here in singapore – even in a mall shopping food court – its quite fantastic.

here’s the laksa gravy


Laksa Noodles cooking

Laksa Noodles

Aunties Cooking Laksa

Aunties Cooking Laksa



and as a bonus – here’s some singaporian carrot cake:

Carrot Cake

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