eating in singapore: black pepper crab

everyone knows that when you want chili crab or pepper crab, the best place to come is singapore. and once you’re in singapore the best place to have crab is east coast park seafood centre.

my friend mylinh suggested that we go to long beach for black pepper crab – as last time we had gone to jumbo.

Long Beach - Creator of the Black Pepper Crab

we started ordered the set meal for 2 ($103 Sing dollars) which included these incredible scottish bamboo clams (i actually know them as razor clams). Cooked with heaping mounds of garlic and fun see cellophane rice vermicelli, mylinh and i agreed we could spend the entire meal just eating those.

Razor Clams or Bamboo Clams - Scottish

then came the garlic shrimps and the main event – a sri lankian black pepper crab. longtime friends or blog readers will know that i think crab is the best food in the world. this crab didn’t disappoint. meaty, flavorful sweet crab meat from the claws and the legs. if i ever moved to singapore i’d put away a solid number of these on an annual basis.

Sri Lankan Crab - East Coast Seafood Centre

later my friend sandra (who i’m staying with) came by to help us polish off another round of bamboo clams, the fried rice and some vegetables.

Sandra and Mylinh

the crab was excellent, as were the prawns and the razor/bamboo clams. the rest of the meal (dessert, fried rice, veggies and octopus) were only ok – but as we came for the crab and the clams, i think i’d say this meal was a giant thumbs up. one word of warning – seafood at any of the ecp restaurants is very expensive – this was no different. so come with an empty stomach and a fll wallet.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (UDMC / East Coast Seafood Centre)
1202 East Coast Parkway
#01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre

Tel: +65 6448 3636
Opening hours
Dinner & Supper
5pm – 12.15am
(Sat & Eve of P.H. to 1.15am)

Meal for 3: $200 Sing (I think we missed something on the bill – it really should’ve been in the $150 Sing range)

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  1. jill says:

    🙁 minutes away from mi casa.

  2. terence says:

    Was I supposed to invite you? I didn’t get the memo.

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