unixx/boys climbing ropes/jan and yan

last friday night hong kong band unixx was in town for the opening of their china concert tour. opening band was jan and yan – a three piece with two guitarists, a tall stunning woman keyboardist, and some sort of bowie/suede thing going on. i didn’t really dig them.

the second band, though, well, it was boys climbing ropes. what can i say? i just really really like watching them in concert. they’re really just on point now. i brought a friend of mine from work to see them play last time and he mentioned just how good the drumming was – and its like they have all cylinders clicking now. i cannot recommend going to see them live in concert enough.

UNiXX was billed as an “angrier smashing pumpkins,” “the cure, but louder” or “hong kong’s darkest band” – all of which i am down with. and they seemed like really nice guys (they lent jordan a guitar when he broke a string in the middle of his set), very good musicians, but the end result was just stuff i wasn’t really into. sorry.

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