shanghai expo post 1

surely of a million posts this summer.

because of work, i was at the expo site today. some quick tips:

1. do not take a taxi – pudong nan lu gets super backed up – its normally a 20 minute drive from my door – today it took an hour. and it’s not even peak period yet – today was just sort of security testing and systems testing – supposedly there was only 1/5 the expected guests today.

2. the expo is HUGE. wear comfortable shoes. plus its going to get hot.

3. food – lines were long all over today, except for the more expensive places. drink machines were plentiful, however, very few people know how to use them and there’s a 5 minute wait per person while they try to figure out how it works. very frustrating. i’d go to eat at off-hours, pack a lunch or go to one of the pricier sit-down places. the longest lines were at the cheapest places (lawsons)

4. people are not paying attention to what they’re doing. there will be thieves . .. and also you will bump into a million people as they all try to get the best photo in their camera. without regards to being in the middle of a crowd.

5. security lines are already outrageously long. come prepared to wait.

good luck and see you there this summer!

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5 Responses to shanghai expo post 1

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  2. Dingle says:

    pack a lunch is a no-no unfortunately, no food and drink are allowed in the place, you have to buy while you’re there!
    complete pain in the arse…

  3. terence says:

    Really? I brought drinks in on Monday – that was pre-open to the public day though. Hmm, I see what you’re saying.

    Gah. My secret spot will be Papa John’s – or maybe the Caribbean Pavilion.

  4. WoAi says:

    Element Fresh is doing a lot of the catering at the Expo so that should help.

  5. terence says:

    There are a million restaurants – Lawson’s, South Beauty, Papa John’s, Burger King, etc. – but there’s a million MORE people. I found a hidden supply of restaurants that I will be going to this summer (since I’ll be working there 20-40% of the time anyways)

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