inspiration from the north

so i saw this post over at beijing hao chi about making duck a l’orange using a rice cooker and it gave me an idea. well the idea was to make duck a l’orange – except instead of using my crappy rice cooker, i’d use my nice italian glorified toaster oven.

but the main inspiration was to go to the somewhat-local lianhua supermarket and buy my duck legs. my local lianhua is terrible and cityshop is expensive AND doesn’t carry poultry beyond chicken. but at the larger, somewhat more foreigner friendly one down the road – lots of poultry to be had.

following on a combination of the beijing hao chi recipe linked above and the recipe culled from anthony bourdain’s les halles cookbook that i won’t bother replicating here – but let’s just say it involved duck, various types of citrus, some leftover red wine from the last time galbraith was here to watch “fargo”, various herbs and some oven time.

photos after the jump

here’s the duck legs post pan-searing

duck from the pan

here’s the sauce preparation. red wine. orange slices. rosemary. shiitake mushrooms.

Duck a l'orange

in the oven

duck in the oven

and here served with homemade parmesan mushroom risotto.


here’s the best part – duck legs at lianhua? 7.5 rmb for two!

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