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Everyone Most people have guilty music pleasures. Whether its Culture Club or Neil Diamond or Journey. Sure, there’s that cheesy sort of guilty pleasure, and I have a whole iTunes library full of that sort of music.

But then, there’s other bands that are somewhat embarrassing to enjoy. Me, I like Panic at the Disco. A Las Vegas based emo band, whose fans tend to be teenage girls and guys who wear black eye-liner. Even with their overly pretentious song titles (a sampling: I write sins, not tragedies; The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage) they write decent, pop-punk stuff. Dancable in the way that Franz Ferdinand is dancable.

Anyways, they came through Shanghai and I went to see them play. They were quite good, except for the annoy crowd members (they were given a huge glass of Jaeger and this really annoying guy kept yelling at them to chug it). I wouldn’t really go out of my way to see Panic – but since they were down at Mao Livehouse and it was a Friday night, they put on a pretty good concert. As much as I like watching local DIY Chinese bands, it is fun to see a professional band who has played in front of huge crowds put on a tight concert.

Panic! at the Disco in Shanghai

Panic! at the Disco in Shanghai

Panic! at the Disco in Shanghai

The rest of the set is here.

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