Fusion is such an ugly word

Back in the 80s, fusion cuisine was the hot thing. Hitting the mainstream through the Hawaiian cooking of Roy Yamaguchi and especially Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois and stuff like Thai Chicken pizzas or various types of sushi rolls which involved ingredients seldom found in Japan (Philly Cream Cheese?).

As American (and international) palates evolved and became more sophisticated through the 90s and early 2000s, diners cried out for authenticity and fusion became an ugly word.

I think now diners have turned full circle and are now just seeking things that taste good . . .and fusion has returned to the table.

Either that or a tiny shop in Fremont, California doesn’t care for dining trends and just put two good ideas together.

Wait, what? Pizza AND Curry?

Yes for true fusion! Meeting up with my met-in-Shanghai-now-living-elsewhere friends Mungai, CJ and Grace in Fremont when we were all in the South Bay, Pizza and Curry was the perfect central meeting location for all of us. We opted for the Chicken Masala pizza (Creamy garlic sauce, masala chicken (white meat), red onions, diced tomatoes and topped with fresh cilantro.) and a boring Italian pizza. I think next time, all of us would choose two Indian pizzas

here’s the menu:

not a whole lot to say, the pizza was really tasty. Indian food on pizza is not so different than eating indian food on naan or roti or any other sort of bread product.

Pizza and Curry
42136 Blacow Rd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 687-0000
Price: Pretty cheap! Grace treated us!

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