Berkeley in the Rain

I don’t think its any secret the affection I have for my University. When I was back in California over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I found time to head by a couple of times to see friends, watch a basketball game, and walk around campus.

Though rainy, its still one of my favorite places to walk around in the world.

This is Sather Tower, or the Campanile, as most students call it. Modeled after the St. Mark’s clock tower in Venice, it’s a landmark of the East Bay.

Here’s the view from the Campanile down to San Francisco Bay. On a clear sunny day, you can see across Alcatraz Island to the Golden Gate Bridge. A better view from a university campus, I don’t think can be found.

View from Sather Tower down to the San Francisco Bay

One of my favorite buildings on campus (and the oldest), South Hall houses the school of information sciences. Campus tour guides sometimes call it the Mary Poppins building, since the roof resembles the buildings used in the film.

South Hall

Wheeler Hall, one of the main classroom buildings – it has the largest classroom on campus (also handy for film screenings) and all of my English classes were in this building. Unless they were in Dwinelle. Now I’m not so sure.

Wheeler Hall

Sather Gate, Sproul Plaza and the ASUC

Sather Gate, Sproul Plaza and the ASUC

This is where the Free Speech Movement . . . and every other campus protests were initiated. Sproul Plaza, in front of campus administration. The traditional main entrance of the campus, onto Southside and Telegraph Avenue. On a quiet rainy day during Winter Break it was empty except for some fans heading to the Cal basketball game and a couple of fixie riders practicing trackstands and bicycle polo maneuvers.

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19 Responses to Berkeley in the Rain

  1. WoAi says:

    The post title reminds me of a song by Oran “Juice” Jones.

  2. Terence says:

    I’m glad you got it correct. . . not “Orange”

    I gave you silk suits, blue diamonds and gucci handbags.

  3. WoAi says:

    Well I do own the 12 inch vinyl single, so it’s not really something I’m likely to get wrong. I swear your post title has got me saying “I saw you (and him), Berkeley in the rain …”

  4. Terence says:

    Lots of people got him and Rockwell confused.

  5. WoAi says:

    I’m more likely to get Rockwell confused with MJ. (That’s Michael Jackson, not Jordan!)

  6. Terence says:

    Do you always feel like somebody’s watching you?

  7. WoAi says:

    Can the people on TV see me
    Or am I just paranoid?

  8. Terence says:

    I’m just an average man
    With an average life

  9. WoAi says:

    Got me all nostalgic again. Was listening to my old playlist from the 80s this morning (Cameo, Shalamar, Atlantic Starr, Cheryl Lynn, Midnight Star, Freddie Jackson, Jocelyn Brown) and was late for work because I didn’t want to turn it off!

  10. Terence says:

    Come on you freakazoid!

  11. WoAi says:

    I was thinking more “I’ve got the Midas Touch, Everything I touch turns to gold”

  12. Terence says:

    It is difficult to imagine a Chinese Londener grooving to new Detroit soul.

  13. WoAi says:

    Are you talking about Motown? The Temptations (Treat Her Like A Lady) and Stevie Wonder? Isn’t that pretty universal stuff?

  14. Terence says:

    NEW soul. Like the 80s stuff.

  15. WoAi says:

    Ah right. Well part of the reason is probably because I went to school in London and more than 50% of the other students were either black or Asian (not Chinese). Certainly Whitney, Bobby Brown, Luther Vandross (saw him in concert during one of his slim periods) were all very popular, together with less mainstream artists like Mtume, Cashflow, Kool & The Gang, Loose Ends (Brits, yey!), Donna Summer, Odyssey, Maze, Pointer Sisters, Sister Sledge, Ashford & Simpson, New Edition / Bel, Biv Devoe, etc etc. These all remind me of growing up in London in the 80s and I love this genre of music as much as anything from the current era if not more so.

  16. Terence says:

    Kool & the Gang . .. less mainstream?

  17. WoAi says:

    Yeah, and Break Wind and Fire (as we used to immaturely call them).

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