Shibuya Crossing

From Wikipedia

Shibuya is famous for its scramble crossing. It is located in front of the Shibuya Station Hachiko exit and stops vehicles in all directions to allow pedestrians to inundate the entire intersection. Three large TV screens mounted on nearby buildings overlook the crossing. The Starbucks store overlooking the crossing is also one of the busiest in the world

Here’s the crossing from ground level:

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8 Responses to Shibuya Crossing

  1. Dingle says:

    did you pop to Tokyu Hands?

  2. Terence says:

    @Dingle – The best store in the world? I went 3 times in 3 days. Bought a kitchen knife and a bag.

  3. WoAi says:

    I guess you didn’t have a tripod with you. Do you have the same shot from the Starbucks? That would be cool. I miss Japan. May have to do a trip for Sakura!

  4. Terence says:

    No tripod and I didn’t even hold my camera with two hands. Just held my Ricoh (GR-Digital) above my head and held and fired.

    I thought about doing it from Starbucks, but instead felt that my need to eat all you can eat sushi at Hina was more important.

  5. WoAi says:

    For some reason the GIF file didn’t change when I first loaded the page and I thought “what a rubbish post”. Actually it only started moving when I clicked on comments.

  6. Terence says:

    All of my posts are rubbish.

  7. WoAi says:

    Yes, but some are more rubbish than others!

  8. Terence says:

    And some girls are bigger than others.

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