Travels in Bangkok: Don Wai Market

Going to Bangkok in the middle of the election was not amongst the wiser decisions I have ever made, seeing as how the last few years have seen tensions resulting in occasional violence and airport takeovers and military coups during the power struggle between the Siniwatra red shirts and the Democrat Yellow Shirts. On Sunday July 3rd, I accompanied my Uncle and Aunt as they went to vote at their local ballot station and then following that, we met up with Celia’s Thai relatives at Don Wai Market.

Dragon Fruit at Don Wai Market

Don Wai was about 30 minutes outside of town, behind a large temple located on the Nakon Chaisi River. And it was full of Bangkok residents all eagerly going to the suburbs to get a taste of market food.

Don Wai Market

The Nakon Chaisi

The river outside Don Wai Market

The famous duck soup on the floating restaurant

Duck Soup

Celia getting Thai Iced Coffee

Celia at Don Wai Market

Don Wai Market


Big Wok Curry

Curry in a BIG wok - Don Wai Market

Doremon and Nemo

Doreamon and Nemo

After walking around the market, taking a boat ride and snacking for an hour – we then got in cars and went to a restaurant near the Bangkok Police Academy (yeah. I don’t know where that is either. But it was on a river) and had lunch. Wonderful! Full of giant prawns, fish cakes, a pork knuckle, sour soup.

Thai Salad

Fish Cake


Eating at riverside restaurant

This last aspect is highly recommended. Find yourself some Thai family and have them take you out and order food.

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6 Responses to Travels in Bangkok: Don Wai Market

  1. Joyce Lau says:

    The duck soup and iced coffee look awesome.
    I don’t know what sour soup is — is it spicy?
    I’m trapped in HK without a chance to travel for the next half-year, because we’re expecting a baby. But I’m already dreaming ahead to my vacation in January — I’m really hoping to go to Thailand.

  2. terence says:

    @joyce – it really wasn’t spicy. There weren’t that many spicy dishes at lunch – maybe in deference to the two farangs (myself and Joe). I wasn’t sure about the soup – it is similar, although not quite as tangy to a singagang – the Filipino tamarind soup. Admittedly I spent more of my energy eating the fried fish, pork knuckle and steamed fish. Congrats on the baby! Being trapped in Hong Kong isn’t all bad – there’s plenty to eat there.

  3. wl says:

    need to find a thai family willing to adopt me pronto.

  4. terence says:

    @wl – first, welcome! second, I’m sure “my” Thai family won’t mind. What, I’m not actually related to them? No matter!

  5. uzbekcelia says:

    @terence: Don’t be dissing Joe’s level of tolerance for spiciness; he can eat more chili peppers than me!

  6. Terence says:

    I only hinted that it may have been deference. Maybe it was only for me though.

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