Hawaii for Chinese New Year

No, I didn’t make it to the Aloha State – as you know I was in Japan. However, its not a big secret that the Japanese have long been fascinated by Hawaii. Additionally, on my flight to Tokyo, I ended up watching the No Reservations: Hawaii episode as well as several episodes of Hawaii Five-0, which has recurring character Charlie Fong, played by Brian Yang, Cal 1996. Oh I guess there are some other actors too.

So aside from craving all the Japanese food to be had in Japan, I landed in Narita with an odd desire for SPAM Musubi and Loco Moco. And what do you know – in Shibuya, there’s a branch of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. (In actuality, I ran across three separate Hawaiian restaurants in the Shibuya/Ometesando/Harajuku corridor alone).

So I stopped by for a plate lunch.

L&L Hawaiian facade – right next to Tokyu Hands (best store in the world)

SPAM – with pictured musubi on the label

Interior shot

Loco Moco and No Reservations on the iPad

SPAM Musubi

So was it any good? Well, I’m not sure good is the right word for it. A Hawaiian plate lunch, by nature, is salty, filling comfort food. For example, the loco moco I ordered is a hamburger patty, covered in gravy and sunny side up eggs served over rice. Its bachelor chow. Tasty – but I’m not sure other people would really enjoy it. Maybe Hawaiians and Hawaiian obsessed Japanese. As for me, I did enjoy it, but I think that’s partially because I was tuned into Hawaii after watching half of season 2 of Hawaii Five-0 AND the No Reservations episode.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ
Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)
12-12 Udagawa-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3476-1941
Next to Tokyu Hands

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