Wing Hing on Ship Street

A couple of years ago, my friend CP went to Hong Kong with some friends to see the band The Flaming Lips play. As part of his weekend, he went with some friends to some Chinese restaurant in Wanchai and came back raving about some chicken.

I, of course, immediately dismissed his opinion. I mean, sure, he’s a fluent Chinese speaker and he’s lived for years in Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai – but Cantonese food and specifically Cantonese food in Hong Kong? What did he know? Pfft.
So I continued to go to Hong Kong and he continued to say “you gotta go to this place on Ship Street and get the chicken” and I continued to ignore him to go instead to my favorites and hang out with my friends.

However, I was down there (again!) this weekend – over the May Holiday, and I was meeting up with Wee Ling for dinner on a Monday night . . .and I actually couldn’t figure out a place to go.

So a couple of texts to CP, and he had no idea what the restaurant was called, but some searching on OpenRice revealed – a ha! Wing Hing Restaurant.

An aside here – in the ten years since I’ve left Hong Kong, characters of micro-neighborhoods have shifted. Wanchai has become a much cooler place, with restaurants and bars and nice boutiques lining the likes of Star Street and Ship Street. In fact, up and down Ship Street is a whole row of nice Western restaurants. Lan Kwai Fong, on the other hand, seems to have inherited the old Wanchai crowd. Loud, drunk, in the street, sloppy. While the old Lan Kwai Fong banker crowd seems to have moved up the hill to Wyndham Street and there’s now a lot more people in SoHo/Mid-Levels around Staunton Street/the Escalator than I remember.

Anyways, Wee Ling and I agreed on going to dinner at Wing Hing and boy are we glad we did.

First, shirmp and eggs. One of my favorite Chinese comfort foods, Wing Hing does a particularly nice version of this, with the right mix of runny egg and dry egg and GIANT shrimp.


Then some water spinach in soup with conpoy (dried scallops) and then beef brisket curry (which was very average)


Finally the star: spring oil chicken. And it was indeed, excellent, as CP had mentioned all those years ago.

There was a lot of other dishes to try – and while I’m not sure I’d come back every time I’m in HK, I would definitely return especially for the eggs and the chicken. The razor clams looked good too.

Wing Hing Restaurant
G/F-1/F, Pao Yip Buildling, 7 Ship Street, Wan Chai Hong Kong
2866 7299

Damage – about 250 HKD for 2 people.

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6 Responses to Wing Hing on Ship Street

  1. wl says:

    thanks for bringing me there ! was there again last week for the shrimp and eggs. mmm ! *guilty face* was it HKD 250 for two ? I vaguely recalled HKD 220/ each but can’t remember now. note to self: need to try the razor clams/ steamed fish next time.

  2. Terence says:

    You’re right – it was 220 each. I don’t know where I got 250 for both from.

  3. WoAi says:

    Yes, HK has changed since I left in 1999. I feel like a mainland tourist when I go now. Totally lost. I like razor clams too. They’re super pricey in London. 220 each is a bit more than I would have expected, but I guess it is HKD not RMB.

  4. Terence says:

    @WoAi – regardless of the surroundings and restaurant decoration, eating fresh seafood in HK is always expensive. When I was out in Lamma island last year, my friend and I spent about 600 HKD eating off plastic tables and chairs

  5. WoAi says:

    Sorry I didn’t realise this was a seafood joint. In that case, what a bargain!

  6. Terence says:

    Er – each dish was about 50 – but the chicken was over 100. The razor clams and fish were more expensive.

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