Eric + Sarah got Married

and I was there!

Seriously. Koh Samui, Thailand is pretty difficult to beat as a wedding location. Eric and Sarah used to live here in China (Nanjing and Shanghai) and now live in Bangkok. With parents from Australia and Indiana, and friends from all over – getting everyone to southern Thailand required the planning skills of a 4-star general or a giant logistics company.

However, it was all worth it, the wedding was amazingly beautiful – and more importantly for me, loads and loads of fun. Even as I sit here at work zombie like because I flew the red-eye back from Bangkok and came straight into work, I still say it was worth it.

Pictures after the jump.

Kyle and Jercy


Me, Andrew, Kyle


The Boys


Dancing on the way to the ceremony


Thai dancer




Sarah being given away




Just Married!


Perfect time for a stroll down the beach

Sunset on Samui (this was the next day)


Here’s the photo folder if you’d like to see more

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2 Responses to Eric + Sarah got Married

  1. WoAi says:

    Was Eric not hot in that suit? He looks remarkably cool (as in temperature, not as in The Fonz!)

  2. Terence says:

    I think looking into the eyes of the beautiful bride that day made Eric forget about how hot it was (actually he was sweating a bit before the ceremony)

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