Self powered transportation

Some wise people or maybe it was another source that said “the optimal number of bicycles to own is n+1 where n is the number of bicycles one currently owns.

So, despite already owning 3 bicycles, I went in to talk to the fine people at Factory Five because I had a vision and an idea.

The vision started with seeing photos of Eddy Merckx and other European bike racers with wool jerseys riding in various tours on steel machines (not that I don’t love my carbon fiber Cervelo. I do, I really do). Then I saw an article in Shanghaiist about Factory Five and their pretty reasonable prices for a full custom frame and bike.

So, taking inspiration from a Colnago I found on the internet

and substituting the colors from the University of California, Berkeley. I emailed Tyler at Factory Five. 2 months later, I got this:

Fwd: Bike Photos

Fwd: Bike Photos

Fwd: Bike Photos

Fwd: Bike Photos

Fwd: Bike Photos

That’s Yale Blue and California gold with chrome forks and stays. Brooks B17 Special Honey Brown Saddle and matching handlebar tape. It’s a very different ride than the Cervelo – twitchy at slow speed, but stable when cruising. It doesn’t accelerate like the Cervelo (it also weighs a lot more) but once it gets up to speed, its a lot more buttery on the road, with the steel soaking up the bumps.

I just wish it wasn’t raining right now – so I could take it out for a ride.

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3 Responses to Self powered transportation

  1. uzbekcelia says:

    It is very pretty, but the gold’s too subtle, go bears! Please tell me this bicycle has brakes, even if it doesn’t have a kickstand.
    BTW, I fell off my bike the other week, this was before I got to the bar or had any beer! My birkenstocks were trapped in the toe cages, I couldn’t extricate myself quickly enough and banged up both my knees somehow.

  2. Dad says:

    The brake handle is located in a strange place. Where is the gear shift? I am afraid to ask how much.

  3. Terence says:

    @dad – No gears – single speed bike which makes it different than the bikes I already own. It’s a lot cheaper to have it made here than in the US.

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