Eating in Russia

As I mentioned previously, a lot of the meals we actually had in Russia weren’t “Russian,” but rather from one of the former Soviet republics like Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and *cough* Germany and Czechoslovakia.

What I think the reason is that eating out in Russia is so expensive – so when you can prepare Russian food at home and want to try something which is not Russian when you’re spending 600 – 1000 rubles, so there weren’t that many Russian restaurants around. (of course, this could be totally wrong, but I was only there a week and unable to read Cyrillic, so there)

So all of the food we had was very heavy on the meat, very light on green vegetables and heavy on root vegetables. Beets and potatoes and carrots. Every dish served with sour cream. Sour cream and Sour cream.

First meal in St. Petersburg – German food. This was actually an excellent meal and one of the cheaper ones.


Russian Food! These are Pelmeni – Russian dumplings. Delicious. We had both meat and mushroom ones.


Actual Chicken Kiev (It squirts butter – Roger Sterling, Mad Men)


My beef stroganoff


Ordering at an Azeri restaurant in Moscow

Our restaurant was tourist ready. Arabic, French, Spanish, English, Korean, all of the CIS languages, Chinese, Dutch menus all available


Carrot salad


Borstch – this wasn’t made with beets – sometimes it isn’t especially in non-Russian settings


Georgian Cheese Bread – this was delicious


Eggplant wrapped around tahini (very Mediterranean in flavor) – both of these dishes came from the Georgian Restaurant




So to sum up – food was hearty and good and filling, but the places we went weren’t exactly culinary destinations.

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3 Responses to Eating in Russia

  1. Terence says:

    When I was writing this, I completely blanked – but the non-beet bortsch above is actually sorrel and beef. It was really really good. I have huge appreciation for sorrel after my meal at Ultraviolet.

  2. WoAi says:

    I used to eat Russian food when I lived in Beijing. There were lots of choices. Less so in Shanghai. As you say, not much by way of green vegetables.

  3. Terence says:

    @WoAi – have you been to Bloc?

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