Los Angeles Part II

Arrrgh. My time in the US is coming to an end soon and I am 3 cities behind.

Los Angeles Part II:

After another run on the beach (man, Santa Monica is a NICE place to live)

California Visit 2013

I had lunch with Zaf at the world famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. It’s justifiably famous. The chicken was excellent, but what was really really good were the waffles and the (unpictured) macaroni and cheese.

California Visit 2013

(the plate with the gravy is not mine)

After spending the day shopping in the Fairfax district, I met up with Zaf and my friend (and -star- recurring character on Hawaii Five-0 Brian Yang to catch the Cal-UCLA Men’s basketball game in Westwood. Zaf knew of a new pizza place in Westwood called “800 Degrees” which served Neapolitan style pizzas. The set-up was very much like a Subway Sandwiches for pizza, where you would choose your base, toppings and then in the time you pay and order your drink, your pizza is quickly finished.

California Visit 2013

California Visit 2013

The flavor of the pizza was great – goat cheese and roasted garlic and sausage – but I felt for my money, I could’ve gotten 1. More sausage and 2. a little crispier pizza. It was a bit soggy and toppings fell off easily. I still ate everything though.

We watched the game with Brian, his girlfriend Nadine and Zaf – let’s just say that UCLA grad Nadine was a bit happier with the result. Afterwards we assuaged our depression at the Westwood institution of Diddy Riese. This is where I repeat my assertion that Diddy Riese is a money laundering operation, because there’s no way they can continue to pump out so many cookies and at such high quality for .35 cents per cookie and $1.75 per ice cream sandwich.

California Visit 2013

California Visit 2013

The next night, I went with Zaf to see the Clippers vs. Lakers battle of Los Angeles at the Staples Center. My personal basketball fanship is a convoluted history which isn’t very clear or consistent, but as of right now the Clip Show is my second favorite NBA team (after the Houston Rockets) and they are playing amazing basketball at the moment. However, the Los Angeles Lakers from 1980 through 1988 will always be my favorite team of all time, so it was great to see the statues of Magic and Kareem and Chick outside the Staples Center for nostalgia’s sake.

Clippers vs. Lakers

California Visit 2013

I spent the rest of my time in LA with my family, but it was sure nice to see Southern California. I suspect, though, that having sunsets like this helped my to like it even more.

California Visit 2013

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4 Responses to Los Angeles Part II

  1. WoAi says:

    I can’t tell if that’s poached egg or ice cream on the waffles. But seeing the chicken on the same plate reminds me of the chicken waffle sandwich at Madison.

  2. Terence says:

    @WoAi – it’s butter (most of which I scraped off. Elevated triglyceride level you know). Don’t even mention Madison’s chicken and waffle sandwich in the same sentence as Roscoe’s, unless it’s to say “despite the similar name, Madison’s attempt at making a soul food classic has failed, especially if you compare it to originators like Los Angeles’ famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles”

  3. WoAi says:

    You’re a chicken waffle snob. That’s what you are!

  4. Terence says:

    @WoAi – If you make it to the US and Los Angeles (Roscoe’s or Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch) or any where in the south and try their fried chicken and waffles and can honestly come back and tell me they belong in the same sentence, I’ll pay for your next meal at Madison’s.

    It is sort of the same thing in that both the Kia Optima and the Ferrari 458 are both cars.

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