Road Trip: Portland and Seattle

For my last week in the US, I spent a portion of it road-tripping up to the Pacific Northwest coast of the US – mainly the cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

I’ve always had a fondness for the Pacific Northwest. Maybe I like Pendleton flannel shirts and depressing music. But I think it’s more that lifestyle which is close to nature, lots of seafood and a very outdoors oriented approach that I really like.

So I got in the car with my cousin and her husband and headed up to Portland and Seattle to see a few things and to eat.

First we stopped in Redding, CA to look at the Sundial Bridge

That's a nice bridge

Then Portland. A new center for gastronomy in the Pacific Northwest. Also home to my employer. I actually didn’t take all that many photos there – but here’s a few:

Ramona Quimby statue (from the Beverly Cleary books)


The Hung Far Low Chinatown sign in Portland


Infamous Bacon Maple Bar from Voodoo Donuts


We ate so well in Portland. Meals at Le Bistro Montage, Gravy, Voodoo Donut, coffee from Stumptown Roasters – and the best meal of my month in the US at Le Pigeon. The foie gras profiteroles with caramel sauce and sea salt are among the best things I have ever tasted. So so so good. I would love to go back to Portland and eat all the things we missed (we were only there for two days before heading north to Seattle).

Then onto Seattle. I hadn’t been to Seattle since 1984 – and honestly I didn’t remember it then either. But thanks for an awesome rate at the W Seattle – we stayed right downtown in the middle of everything. Since I hadn’t really been there before – I did a lot of touristy stuff: Pike’s Place Market and the Bruce Lee gravesite were really the things that were important to me. I needed to see the fish being thrown (actually I didn’t but the seafood was fresh and tasty, but also expensive).

Pikes Place Market

Fruit and Vegetable Pikes Place Market Seattle

Seafood Seller Seattle pikes place

Oysters Seattle



Bruce and Brandon Lee’s graves



Seattle was also a time of reunions as I got to see some college friends who I hadn’t seen since 1998 and 2006 respectively – as well as a really good friend from here in Shanghai who had moved there. I’m a big big fan of the Pacific Northwest and hope to get back there soon.

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