Apologies for running!

This blog may be a little running heavy over the next month – I have three things on my personal agenda over the next three weeks. Work. Running. Moving Apartments (more on that later).

So as part of our run crew #naturalbornrunners quest to go to Oregon, we’re being graded on our training and social engagement.

We’ve put up a facebook page to track our training – so if you have some time and a facebook account – hop on over and give us a like and leave us some comments!


Terence, Joanne, Tracy and Shaun


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2 Responses to Apologies for running!

  1. WoAi says:

    You could do what I did and start a spin off blog, just for the running stuff!

  2. Terence says:

    @WoAi – so I’d have two blogs being not updated, not just one!

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