Living without a cell phone in 2013

[Note: Gross Story ahead]

So I sweat a lot when I run – and it was about 34 degrees Celsius on Sunday afternoon when I went to Century Park on Sunday at lunch time. I usually run with my phone in a little waist pouch, which tracks me by GPS and allows me to listen to music when I run.

I had run about 4 km and was . . . rounding the corner down the last stretch when suddenly my phone died. I took it out of my pouch, and it was soaked. And heating up. This was not good.

I finished my run and took my phone home and put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days (as they say to do) but it wouldn’t turn on or show any signs of life. It’s now at the Apple Genius Bar awaiting repair (Friday noon).

I’ve been without my phone for 3 days already and while I’ve noticed there are times I miss it (playing games on the bus, waiting for the subway) and then making plans to meet with people can be difficult, but I don’t miss not having it THAT much.

However it is highly probable my friends and co-workers really miss it. Everyone has been like “YOU’RE NOT ANSWERING TEXTS . . .WHERE ARE YOU?!” But me, I’ve gotten used to it already. I think the real lesson is that people want to get in touch with you – but you don’t necessarily need to be in touch with people. Or at least that’s MY lesson.

I’ll be glad to get it back on Friday though.

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5 Responses to Living without a cell phone in 2013

  1. WoAi says:

    Yes, it’s a sad reflection of the world we live in now that we are so attached to our phones. There are so many implications. People aren’t even enjoying concerts anymore because they’re recording the whole thing on their phones instead. Then groups get together for drinks and spend the evening on their phones instead of talking to each other. But I’m just as bad as everyone else. At least I can admit that. Although I usually apologise to my dinner guests and explain I have to get a photo of every dish for my food blog (as well as for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat and Weibo.

  2. Terence says:

    I don’t take as many Instagram food photos anymore. Only for significant meals.

  3. WoAi says:

    You mean like Ultraviolet?

  4. Terence says:

    New restaurants. Expensive places.

  5. WoAi says:

    Yes, not much point in posting for the 20th time that plate of noodles from Tsui Wah.

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