Jiuzhaigou Part Two

For my second day in the park, I took the bus up to the middle – and instead of exploring the entire park like I did on the first day, I was determined to go back and cover the few things I missed – mainly the ancient forest up at the top of the valley, the panoramic view of multi color lake and the shuigang falls, both of which I only saw from the bus on the previous day.

At the top of the park is the ancient forest. It’s only ancient in that it was not cut down during the 60s and 70s. Despite what the link in tinkerphotography noted I really felt the need to walk around in a forest, since I live in arguably one of the world’s largest cities. If you walk to the top, very few other tourists are up there. It was nice to sit there and breath in the fresh clean air.

Deep in the woods

From there, I walked and took the bus down to the viewing platform above Five Color Lake.

Water flows down


Walking down to the entrance


Five Color Lake

Back at Nuoriliang Falls

Double Dragon Falls


More marshland

A word on the crowds. Many people have seen these types of photos and read stories in the media about armed police having to come and calm down the crowd who was stuck up in Jiuzhaigou Valley for 11 hours.

(From this source)

Yeah – this was Jiuzhaigou during October holiday – but luckily I just missed this. All of the people into the valley arrived on the evening of October 1, and I left the morning of Oct 2, but I did get to see the build-up. From my hotel to the park entrance was 1.5km and each morning I would walk it in about 20 minutes. The morning I left, it took me 45 minutes by car to get past the park entrance and then another hour going the other way – the entrance to the park and the town surrounding it is only serviced by a 2 lane road so when buses or cars are turning into parking lots it causes a big mess. We saw buses letting people off up to 2 miles away from the park. So glad to have not been in the park that day.

However, people have seen my photos and wondered “where ARE all the people?” It’s a lot of selective framing. Here’s what a few of those scenes actually looked like.





Photo taking


Wedding Photo


Cowboys posing for photos




Coming up next post – Huanglong/Yellow Dragon

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2 Responses to Jiuzhaigou Part Two

  1. jesse says:


    how was the weather when you’re at JiuZhaiGou last October? Did you manage to see the Autumn foliage?

  2. terence says:

    Early October was slightly too early to see the leaves turn if that’s your goal. I highly recommend early November if you want to see Autumn foliage.

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