Airpocalypse 2013

So you’ve probably seen the hundreds of stories about the pollution in China and air quality and how terrible it is to live here.

Those are all pretty much true. However, the last week or so, an temperature inversion has capped Shanghai, not allowing the pollution to escape. Thus . . . airpocalypse. There’s a AQI scale – usually bad days in Shanghai are in the high 200s or low 300’s.

Today? We’ve gone off index.

View out my window this morning.

photo 1.JPG


photo 2.PNG

View out my office window.

photo 3.JPG

How I go outside now.


Photo from my friend Pete in Pudong

This is some blade runner shit. Can't believe Beijing has been putting up with this for so long

Some more from Flickr

In the fog


Send some masks!

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2 Responses to Airpocalypse 2013

  1. Terence says:

    Panic over people – we’re back down to 160 today.

  2. Dad says:

    Do you want us to send you some 3M 9001V’s? Maybe you can stock up for the next time.

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