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Newly opened iAPM Mall has been talked about quite a bit here in Shanghai.

Three years ago, during my last visit to Singapore three years ago, Mylinh and Sandra took me to Jumbo Seafood at East Coast Parkway Seafood Centre. Recently Jumbo Seafood opened in iAPM and we went down to check it out.



Chili Crab!


Really Nice Roast Chicken

photo 2.JPG

Pepper Crab

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photo 4.JPG

Crab Tools

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photo 2.JPG

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So what was it like? Well the food was great. Exactly what it was like in Singapore. The pepper crab was delightfully peppery. The chili crab was equal parts sweet and savory with the meaty crab soaking up the sauce. And if you like the chili, you could (and should) order a dish of accompanying mantou with which to mop up that chili.

The other dishes were great too – one of the better roast chickens in town. The other seafood items were super tasty as well.

As to the other aspects of the meal, I’d say they weren’t as successful as the food. If you’ve been to Jumbo in Singapore, you’d know that, the high prices aside, it’s really a casual dining restaurant. And if you’re elbows deep in chili gravy or pepper, it’s not very elegant. The Jumbo in iAPM is decorated in that grand Chinese restaurant style, with these satin napkins which could not have been less effective in cleaning one’s hands, giant ceilings, movable walls for banquets and private dining rooms. Pretty much the opposite of the aesthetic in the original. Additionally, like many new restaurants in China, they have a training and service issue.

I’m usually pretty lenient, patient and understanding with waitstaff, both inside and outside of China. But it was comical just how many times we had to ask the wait staff for basic stuff: beverages. utensils. paper napkins.

However, the food is the thing, and on that level Jumbo really nails it. It’s not a cheap meal; with two crabs the 7 of us ended up paying over 400 rmb/person, but the prices in Sing were comparable, and the crab was really good, so I wasn’t too put off by it.

Jumbo Seafood
PHONE:6466 3435
5/F, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu,
near Shanxi Nan Lu

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2 Responses to Singapore in Shanghai

  1. WoAi says:

    The people from Haiku opened a crab joint in XTD which was very short-lived. Good to know there’s somewhere else to go for chili crab. Best crab I ever had though was WHITE pepper crab at No Signboard Restaurant in Geylang.

  2. terence says:

    @WoAi – I believe this Jumbo serves white pepper crab. The Haiku place was super expensive – I think it was over 800rmb per crab.

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