Christmas in Hong Kong

Catching up on old happenings, I wasn’t planning to do anything for Christmas, just take a couple of days off and hang around in Shanghai. But my cubicle neighbor was complaining about the price of his tickets to Hong Kong over Chinese New Year (5000 RMB!) so I suggested flying into the new Shenzhen airport and crossing the border there. Normally, over a weekend, this is a terrible idea as the border crossing and bus ride takes 90 minutes each way and isn’t really the most pleasant thing in the world. Doing the same over the weekend just isn’t a good idea in terms of use of one’s time.

However, to do so over a 4 or 5 or 10 day trip? Well the savings can be pretty good. I checked on prices for my cube neighbor and it turns out you can get from Shanghai to Shenzhen for 700 RMB. Round-trip!

Well, if they are going to be that cheap for Chinese New Year, I had to check for Christmas, since I had those two days off – and moving times around to be a bit more convenient and it cost about 1000 RMB or $130 bucks. So I booked a trip down.

It was wonderful. Warm. Not a lot of time pressure to do what I wanted, as normally I have to for weekend trips. I went running on Lantau Island with my NBR teammate Joanne, as well as another run on Bowen Road. I explored different parts of HK I normally don’t go to. I avoided big tourist spots filled with Mainland tourists.

The run on Lantau Island was kind of funny. I had mentioned to Joanne that I wanted to eat seafood on an Outlying Island and she suggested traveling Tung Chung on Lantau Island and then hiking the 16km over to Tai O and stupidly I said “16km? Why don’t we just run it instead?”

So we met in the former village, now new town of Tung Chung (near the airport and on the Tung Chung MTR line) and set on on a run towards Tai O. About 5km in, we run into Police who warn us that there’s a protest going on and villagers have blocked off the path and we might not be able to go all the way to Tai O. We shrugged and kept on going – I mean, why turn back now, when we could’ve turned back at 8km? Well, it turned out the police were right. The path was blocked. Still, it turned into a nice rambling trail run on a warm, near Christmas Day.

Village Store

With the airport in the background

Running Path

Running Selfie with Jo

On the way to Tai O

Bridge Jumping

Finishing the run at Tung Chung

I also threw another run in at the Bowen Road Fitness Trail, which is still one of my absolute favorite places to run in the world.

All of this running had a purpose though – I was training for both the Hong Kong Half Marathon and my snowboarding trip in Japan. which I’ll update this blog about soon.

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