Night Marketing – Raohe Street

On my last night of free time (I’d be remaining in Taipei for another 4 days, however, my work schedule made it so I was eating a lot of hotel food and food court food for the rest of my time. So with my last night of freedom, I called up Abbie and we went to Raohe Night Market.

I hadn’t been to Raohe since my very first trip to Taiwan 16 years ago. I was between jobs, and agreed on a weekend visit to someone I barely even knew, and she ended up being sick the entire weekend. Armed with not very good Mandarin, I explored the city on my own. I barely even knew what night markets were back then, but I remember eating very well. I’d posit that Taipei has the best street eats in all of the East Asian Chinese world.

Here’s the Raohe Night Market Street Entrance

The first thing we came across was the Taiwanese double sausage – which is a local Taiwanese pork sausage served inside of a Taiwanese sticky rice sausage. Kind of a local Double Down.

Here are the two sausages being grilled the brown sausage is made from sticky rice while the red sausage is pork. The bigger sausage is split open and the smaller sausage is stuffed inside like a hot dog.

Abbie with her lo mi on a stick

Abbie recommended these beef filled buns baked in a Chinese tandoori oven contraption.

With a flaky layered wrap

And beef inside!

Also highly recommended at this particular night market was the pork rib soup – granted the photo is not the most appetizing thing ever, but there was ribs. and soup. and it was a fine combination.

To finish we (and here when I write “we” I mean “me”) had mango ice topped with mango pudding.

Raohe Night Market is located here. Bring cash and an empty stomach.

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