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White Russians and Soup

Hi reader – thanks for stopping by – this is a half formed chapter – but I wanted to get it down just to get some sort of accomplishment. I’m actually heading down to Hong Kong in a couple of … Continue reading

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Borscht and Baked Rice

Hey! It’s been 2.5 years since I’ve posted anything. Lots of stuff has been happening, but instead of an update, I’m going to post some writing. A book has been kicking around in my head for a long long time, … Continue reading

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Japanese Spring Festival

Wow, as always, we’re really catching up on old news. Way back in February, my colleague Mike and I decided to go to Japan for snowboarding. While I had been many times, this was to be his first time to … Continue reading

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Night Marketing – Raohe Street

On my last night of free time (I’d be remaining in Taipei for another 4 days, however, my work schedule made it so I was eating a lot of hotel food and food court food for the rest of my … Continue reading

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Taipei Living

Sometimes in my life, circumstances collide and allow me to do something really fun things, even if they are for work. Over the last two weeks, due to the opening of a new Nike store in Taipei and the Nike … Continue reading

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Tenya 22 in Shanghai

When you speak to Western expatriates in Shanghai, I feel as there is oftentimes a tried-and-true list of places to go to eat. Brunch? Madison. Spanish Tapas? El Wily. High end Italian? Mercato. I enjoy all of those places, but … Continue reading

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Love will tear us apart

Like many other Chinese Americans of my generation, New Order was an integral part of the soundtrack to much of my junior high and high school days. With cassette tapes (YES!) of Substance, Technique and Low Life riding around in … Continue reading

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Christmas in Hong Kong

Catching up on old happenings, I wasn’t planning to do anything for Christmas, just take a couple of days off and hang around in Shanghai. But my cubicle neighbor was complaining about the price of his tickets to Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Korean Chicken Wings

So my friend Tiff and I have become obsessed with Korean Fried chicken from this place out PAST Gubei. It’s actually a chain from Korean called Kyochon 1991. They make fried chicken. Koreans and fried chicken? Yeah, it’s seriously good. … Continue reading

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Taipei redux

I was actually in Taipei, not to eat, but to run. Despite being woefully unprepared (wrong shoes!) and tired (just having run the Shanghai half two weeks prior). I went for a warm up run around my hotel neighborhood just … Continue reading

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