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Accidental Thanksgiving

So there I was with a couple of co-workers after the Shanghai marathon after party pre-party. Yes, that’s right it was the after-party pre-party. Instead of continuing on to the actual after-party, we decided that dinner would be a preferable … Continue reading

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Crab crab crab crab

My co-worker Elton was given a case of Shanghai hairy crabs, but with no way to cook them, he asked if I had a steamer. Well, of course I do! We called some colleagues, made some side dishes and served … Continue reading

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Upteenth Post about Hong Kong

Long time readers of youusedtobealright will remember that a couple of years ago, I screwed up a trip to Cambodia to meet my friend Brian Hopkins and only ended up seeing him for breakfast in Siem Reap. (post here) So … Continue reading

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Northern Barbarians

The guy who sits next to me at work was having his birthday and he said he wanted hot pot. I suggested Dong Lai Shun a Beijing chain which is famous for it’s “shuang yang rou” – thinly sliced lamb … Continue reading

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Chinese Summer

It’s 38 degrees outside. Thermometers are melting all over. That’s the perfect time to get out and play! Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last month: Tracy and I out running with the Shanghai Darkrunners

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Tock’s: A Montreal Deli

I’ve spent a lot of meals here in Shanghai with my friend Christina exploring restaurants and other eating adventures, so when I sent her an email complaining we hadn’t eaten together in a while, she responded that we needed to … Continue reading

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Road Trip: Portland and Seattle

For my last week in the US, I spent a portion of it road-tripping up to the Pacific Northwest coast of the US – mainly the cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. I’ve always had a fondness for the … Continue reading

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San Francisco Break – Swan Oyster Depot

In between trips I met up with a friend in the City and I had really wanted to go to Swan Oyster Depot. Swan is a century old institution on Polk Street. A seafood market and a lunch counter. Yes … Continue reading

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H-Town! Third Coast!

It always surprises people I meet when I tell them how much I enjoyed living in Houston, TX. To be fair, despite the recent New York Times endorsement (naming it one of 46 places to go in 2013) Houston is … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Part II

Arrrgh. My time in the US is coming to an end soon and I am 3 cities behind. Los Angeles Part II: After another run on the beach (man, Santa Monica is a NICE place to live) I had lunch … Continue reading

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