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home again, home again

with christmas and new year’s around the corner, i’m in countdown mode for my trip back to the states, which is nominally home for me. of course, i’m not really sure what is home anymore. let’s review a bit: pittsburgh, … Continue reading

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Sushi Kuu review

Since I started writing it in March, that’s where it ended up posting.Read it here

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The Bird and the Bee

I just got back from Hong Kong . . . and I’ll be throwing up some more photos and food posts (I realize that this blog should be renamed “”) but when I was down in the HKSAR, I picked … Continue reading

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TSUI WAH!!!! opening: soonfood: Hong Kong Style Cafelocation: ?????????/Fumin Lu near Changle Lu next to La Dolce Vita and Agave

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Sushi Kuu

I’ve been wanting to eat at Sushi Kuu in Hong Kong since reading Grace‘s post about it almost two years ago. But visits to Hong Kong, while frequent, tend to be centered around meals to char siu emporiums or cha … Continue reading

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The Best Scrambled Eggs in the World

The Australian Dairy Company. Really close to where my dad grew up on Parkes Street in Jordan, Kowloon Hong Kong. I don’t know how they do it, but the eggs are buttery, moist, perfectly seasoned and oh-so-light. There’s usually a … Continue reading

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Fragrant Harbour

So I spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. I’m too lazy to write about it now, so how about some more photos? Yay! (I swear I’ll get something up about Spain and Hong Kong soon)

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So I’m taking a city break to Hong Kong. . . and of course, it’s the 2nd earliest typhoon ever since they started keeping track of these things. Typhoon Neoguri threatens China’s southern Hainan Island,could hit Friday or SaturdayAPGUANGZHOU, China … Continue reading

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The Best Dessert in Hong Kong

This is the best dessert in Hong Kong . . .which puts it very high on the list of best desserts in the world. No, I don’t care what you think. And I will fight you if you disagree. So … Continue reading

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Hong Kong is an expensive cityOr at least has this amazing ability to cause me to spend money. Probably both are true. Aside from eating out and transport and internet access and beverages – this is what I purchased in … Continue reading

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