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Chinese Sports Brands in America

I have a post about all of the Chinese sports brands which has been in my draft folder for, oh, about 9 months. But this commercial was too awesome not to share. Li Ning makes it’s commercial introduction to the … Continue reading

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chinese sports footwear brands

i just got back from a 2 day business trip to quanzhou, fujian. the wikipedia article talks a lot about the products that quanzhou’s economy depends on: Quanzhou is a major exporter of agricultural products such as tea, banana, lychee … Continue reading

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wait . . . japanese curry from mcdonald’s?

in the interest of trying every fast food formulation available, and also possibly taking years off the back end of my life, i succumbed to the constant barrage of mcdonald’s advertising and walked in to my local mcd’s and ordered … Continue reading

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nike sb – today was a good day

saw this on adrian lai’s blog it makes me miss home. and skateboarding. great cameos from kobe and some one else.

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