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Chinese Summer

It’s 38 degrees outside. Thermometers are melting all over. That’s the perfect time to get out and play! Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last month: Tracy and I out running with the Shanghai Darkrunners

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Northern Capital

I spent last week in Beijing for work. I seem to always have the same conversation about Beijing and Shanghai and the contrasts between the two cities. This was amplified as we had visitors from the US who had never … Continue reading

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From Russia with Photos

As promised by fishface, here are some scans of photos from 20 years ago. Tokyo, Beijing and the Trans-Siberian Railway. Jason and David in Tokyo

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Snow in Beijing!

Two day business trip to Wuhan and Beijing. Got a little time with Chairman Mao and the snow.

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Weekend in Beijing

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beijing food porn

a friend of mine turned me onto this blog . . . written by a friend of his. the photography is gorgeous . .. and the food looks awesome. it’s a phat sh for beijing! beijing hao chi

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c-c-c-chauncey billups!

so when i was in beijing 2 weeks ago, i was priviliged enough to attend a press conference/fan event with chauncey billups (and the inspiration for the best now-dead blog about the nba on the internet) at the adidas sanlitun … Continue reading

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so i’m going on a trip. it’s a long trip. well, not that long, but my longest trip in a few years. it’s about 2 weeks. 1 week will be vacation. 1 week will be work. it’s continuous, so i … Continue reading

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