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San Francisco Break – Swan Oyster Depot

In between trips I met up with a friend in the City and I had really wanted to go to Swan Oyster Depot. Swan is a century old institution on Polk Street. A seafood market and a lunch counter. Yes … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Part II

Arrrgh. My time in the US is coming to an end soon and I am 3 cities behind. Los Angeles Part II: After another run on the beach (man, Santa Monica is a NICE place to live) I had lunch … Continue reading

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Los Angeles

I grew up there. And still have great affinity for it. Would love someday to return there on a permanent basis, but for now I’ll have to satisfy myself with occasional visits. Drove down on I-5

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Home again Home Again

So I’m back in the US for the first time in two years, and its strange how you forget how certain things go when you’ve been gone from the States for such a long time. Just some quick thoughts: – … Continue reading

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Fish Tacos, Newport Beach

Yes, it is March, but I’m cleaning up some of my vacation posts from Christmas. When I was down in Newport Beach visiting my friend Bryan – he said he had found the best fish tacos in Southern California. Well, … Continue reading

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Growing up in the Foothills

I’m from Los Angeles, but not the LA that everyone knows. I mean, you say “Los Angeles” and you think about

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Punk Rock Cafe

On the phone with one of my best friends from college, Chris. “So where do you want to go for dinner?” “How about Zachery’s?” “Ok, but can we go to the one in Oakland – the Solano location is always … Continue reading

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It’s Always Sunny in Newport Beach

Well, we’ve been having rainy weather in Southern California, but it was absolutely brilliant hanging out with my former co-worker and friend Bryan in his hometown of Newport Beach. More to come from Southern California.

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Fusion is such an ugly word

Back in the 80s, fusion cuisine was the hot thing. Hitting the mainstream through the Hawaiian cooking of Roy Yamaguchi and especially Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois and stuff like Thai Chicken pizzas or various types of sushi rolls which involved ingredients … Continue reading

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Holiday in Cal-i-fornia

So I’m spending Christmas and New Year’s in California with friends and family. Very excited to be home and to eat In-N-Out, fish tacos, mission-style burritos and all that. I’m sure I’ll have some photos up from this week, sometime.

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