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Airpocalypse 2013

So you’ve probably seen the hundreds of stories about the pollution in China and air quality and how terrible it is to live here. Those are all pretty much true. However, the last week or so, an temperature inversion has … Continue reading

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Sichuan Day 3: YELLOW DRAGON

Located 125km away from Jiuzhaigou itself, Huanglong or Yellow Dragon is a smaller, but no less scenic national park located towards the Songpan Plateau. Because of the unique rock formations made through calcification, the Huanglong Valley has developed some amazing … Continue reading

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Jiuzhaigou Part Two

For my second day in the park, I took the bus up to the middle – and instead of exploring the entire park like I did on the first day, I was determined to go back and cover the few … Continue reading

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So close . . . no matter how far

This story begins in high school. When I was a junior at Bonita High School I had Advanced Chemistry class and in our class there was a senior girl (whose name escapes me right now) who for some reason was … Continue reading

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We interrupt this trip home to bring you a public message

from the US Consulate in Shanghai. Message for U.S. Citizens As documented by official Chinese monitors and confirmed by the Mission’s air quality monitors, air pollution levels in Beijing and many parts of eastern China during the month of January … Continue reading

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From Russia with Photos

As promised by fishface, here are some scans of photos from 20 years ago. Tokyo, Beijing and the Trans-Siberian Railway. Jason and David in Tokyo

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The Olympics and the Trans-Siberian Railway

With the Olympics over a couple of weeks ago – and a little bit of extra time, I wanted to replicate an email conversation about a 20 year anniversary which only took notice amonsgst a group of 6 cousins. (Yes … Continue reading

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Summer of Shanghai

Usually summer here is a hot miserable humid slog through thick smog, thick air and then getting sick easily in the transition from hot, humid, fetid to air con to hot, humid, to air con. Also, sometimes it rains. However, … Continue reading

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Chengdu: Panda Panda Panda

Well, I mean that’s what everyone things. Spicy food. Pandas. Earthy people. Pandas. Earthquake. Pandas. Hot Pot. Pandas. Flower Peppers. Pandas. I was in Chengdu over the weekend for a work project, but I was lucky enough to have a … Continue reading

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Sometimes golfing in China is different than golfing in the US (or elsewhere)

Like take this for example. Last Friday during Summer Hours (we take Friday afternoons off) we were playing out at Shanghai Orient Golf Club, when someone showed up ready to sell us used golf balls. Now, this isn’t a super … Continue reading

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